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Investment Management Services

Monetary Management Corporation offers individuals a fee based investment management service. The relationship involves the completion of a risk assessment and needs analysis survey. After determining the client's needs and risk tolerance, MMC will design a customized portfolio to fit the individual client's investment objectives. Normally, client portfolios will contain 40 to 50 individual issues, providing diversification while minimizing risk.  MMC, in the case of an existing portfolio, will take into account the tax basis and portfolio strategy of existing securities. Over time, the firm will integrate its own portfolio strategy to minimize the tax consequences.
Once the account is established the customer will receive monthly statements from the broker. Monetary Management Corporation can develop any additional reporting schedule that meets the client's needs. The company will introduce the client to a brokerage firm with which we have an established relationship and we can recommend a CPA firm or work with client's existing accountant. MMC can also recommend or cooperate with an existing financial planner. Personal portfolio reviews are encouraged and can be arranged at any time.

Contrary to many Wall Street firms, Monetary Management Corporation's interests are aligned with those of the client. Typical Wall Street firms benefit from commissions on transactions. Their investment representatives are encouraged to sell products that generate the largest commissions for the firm and themselves and to trade excessively. These products usually include mutual funds and annuities with sales charges. In these cases, the interests of the investment representative may conflict with those of the client. Alternatively, Monetary Management Corporation earns fees based on a percent of the assets under management, providing an incentive for growth. This compensation structure encourages the firm to minimize transaction costs and avoid commission-based products.